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What is it?

I aim to run 2019km in the year 2019. That is about 48 marathons. Within this challenge I want to complete a number of mini challenges.


I am doing it all to raise money for Just 4 Children. I have taught Jude since he was 5 and as he approaches his 9th birthday he needs as much support and help as possible to raise funds that are vital for his ongoing physio to allow him to fulfil his wish to walk

2019km in the year 2019

3 years ago Sportscubed ran a fun multi sports morning to raise money for an operation for Jude. Then last year I ran Southport half marathon with Pete to raise money to fund Jude’s ongoing physio. Jude, his brothers, family and friends all came and cheered us on with banners and cheered us over the finish line. I will always remember the smile on Jude’s face as I ran past him 10 miles in, in the 28 degree heatwave and it gave me the lift I needed to finish the race.

At the end of the race Jude was so thankful for what we had done and I remember him saying how he would love me to be able to run a race with him one day!

2019 is the year for my biggest challenge yet. The challenge is to run 2019 Kilometres for the year. That works out about 49 marathons.

Within this challenge I want to complete a number of other mini challenges. I will add these challenges in the next few weeks.

Southport Mad Dog 10km – Sunday 3rd February

Southport Beetle 10km Trail Race – Sunday 31st March

Ibiza 12km race

Liverpool Spring 10km – Sunday 5th May

Southport Half Marathon – Sunday 30th June

At least 1 run with Jude